A wrapper for the Echarts js library.

Echarts-PHP is a PHP library that works as a wrapper for the Echarts js library ( Support echarts version from 2.2.x to 3.x.

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A cross-platform powerful developer tool for PC

Integrated N kinds of common tools for web developers. Tools available offline, not connected to the Internet can also be used. Cross-platform tools, support for MAC and Windows. Support configuration import and export.



A real time html ppt write by pug.

SockIO PPT, the programmer's PPT!A simple nodejs PPT service that support remote control.Write a pug template as a online PPT!

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a lightweight jquery fixed top plugin.

This jquery plugin can fixed dom to top when scroll tom bottom.

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php astar algorithm

A-star algorithm is a widely used in the game pathfinding algorithm, this is a PHP simple for A-star algorithm.

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An autocomplete JQuery plugin for email fields.

This plugin autocompletes email addresses when supplied with an email domain. Instead of the regular jQuery autocomplete's dropdown menu of autocomplete suggestions, this types ahead while keeping the auto-filled text highlighted as to not obstruct the user.

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A lightweight PHP mvc framework.

Tinymvc is a mvc framework write by PHP. It's very lightly. Include router, ORM, cookie, session, view, validation, permission and cache.

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A websocket protocol server write by nodejs.

This is a simple demo about websocket protocol. Support data fragmentation. Compatible Chrome / Firefox / IE10+.